Incentive events

Increasingly companies organizing incentive events to its employees or customers, well for promoting team work, to provide a motivation, a promotion or simply as fun day after a Conference.

From Quicksail, we are specialists in these incentive events, offering a range of nautical products at the sea, focused such groups, being our specialty, the Organization of corporate races, coaching or team building activities.

In addition, we organize all kind of corporate events: meals or dinners on board, presentations of product, meetings, conferences, etc…



Services are in high demand by companies as an incentive events for employees, because teamwork is power and it encourages competition between the different crews.

In this activity, the group participates very actively navigation. Depending on the number of people configure different groups forming crews each of the participating boats in the regatta. With the help of a pattern, compete among themselves for a journey marked by beacons beforehand.

This activity is supported throughout by a motor boat from where the output is given and the development of the race is monitored.There are many customization options for this type of activity: you can make one or more races, photographic reporting, trophy, etc …


There are multiple options to enjoy a day at sea aboard a boat.

These are some increasingly popular activities , both by companies and individuals. The events are fully customizable.

  • Product Presentation
  • Corporate events
  • Daily departures
  • Sunset
  • Birthday
  • Stag Party
  • Wedding