Water Sport Activities

Quicksail offers some water sport activities, for private persons or groups, who want to enjoy the sea in a different way.

In addition, these activities can become the perfect complement to any corporate or school event, they are suitable for all audiences and public.


Our ribs offer several experiences to suit the consumer: relax, race track, speed tours, bathroom, etc…

These speed boats also provide support as a Committee boat and make up the logistics of many sporting events.


Speed Boats

2 ribs 12-14m + skipper for 10 pax each

6 ribs 7.5 m + skipper for 7 pax each


The Jet Skis offer many feelings that another boat cannot imagine: feel “extreme” driving, riding the waves and flying through the sea; but always keep your safety in mind.

TInstructors qualified and a recognized experience in teaching the secrets to control the jet ski.

You can fly by sea, making 360-degree spins and fill it with another jet ski to see who is fastest.



20 jet ski – 5 groups of 4 pax + instructor




The Kayaks are used to combine the fun and sport in a more spectacular way, or just as a complement to another activity or as a single activity.







SUP: Paddle Surf

Stand-up paddle, known as paddle surf, is the latest water sport fashion. Although its origin is Polynesian, recently it is available at beaches all around the world.

The special in SUP is its accessibility, since anyone can start and feel that is transmitted when you practice it.

The feeling to glide through the water as if you fly over it, only accompanied by the sound of your paddle with your friends, is amazing.

But don’t make a mistake, the SUP can be as extreme as any other surf sport. The limit is on you!









It is an inflatable banana-shaped that is dragged through the water by a motor boat . It’s a super fun experience, pure adrenaline and a lot of laughs with your friends and family.

Banana Quicksail Valencia