“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”
– A.Einstein –


Among all our activities for companies we offer, Cluedo on board is one of our innovations. Our newest activity for company is ready to be love by your employees. It´s a dynamic game organized by Quicksail where the participants must express their cooperation´s and ingenuity´s capacities to overcome the game.


Activity from 15 up to 250 people at the same time


2 hours approx.


Length boat between 12 to 15 meters


Possibility of branding on the boat, flag, shirt…



Don Vicente Garrofó, the Marquis of huertoancho has been brutally murdered!

He was on holiday enjoying an incredible ride along Malvarossa with his luxury catamaran when all of a sudden, he disappeared for hours. Nobody warned his absence until the maid (cleaning lady) found his dead body in one of the cabins. Still, we don´t know the cause of death.

Who could it be? Why? How? All these question marks will have to be solved by our guest. They will have to interrogate cleverly the suspects in order to solve this case.

The boat´s captain, the marquise of huertoancho, the tourist, the Don Vicente´s cousin, the waiter… Nobody is safe from the suspicion.


The clients will be picked up in the marina Real Juan Carlos I, in the platform of the catamaran.

They will embark on the boat. While the boat leaves the port, the detective will give a welcome speech, explain what happen to Mr Don Vicente, and explain how the game will take place.

The different team identified by colour, will have some material to investigate in the best way (briefcase, notebook, pen, magnifying glass) and obviously the case´s file.The different team will have some time to study the case before the character comes into action.

Once they arrive at the game´s area (15min), the suspicious characters will suddenly appear from their hideout.Each team will know, thanks to the first clue, which suspect they must interrogate first.

One at a time, the team will go to interrogate the different suspects.

Customizable option: We might bring into the game another boat where we would place another suspect, a mysterious character.

Thus, the participants would have to reach this suspect swimming from their boat to the suspect´s boat.

While the participant interrogates the suspect, they will be tested by solving a small enigma o some challenge, for example, to swim until a checkpoint to get a clue or to pick up something. (option)

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