Barcelona is recognised as a global city due its cultural, financial, commercial and tourist importance. It has one of the most important Mediterranean ports and is also an important point of communications between Spain and France, because of the connections by motorway and high speed train. Barcelona Airport was used by more than 37.5 million passengers in 2014.

Sailing is a sport that features in Catalonia great adepts and sailors. Just take a walk around the Yacht Clubs to check it. Sailing, Paddle Surf, Kitesurf… are activities that are practiced in Barcelona among others.

Barcelona Quicksail

In Quicksail, we have a fleet of boats in the area of Barcelona  for charter and corporate events.

Our local partners allow us to guarantee the best service and be the most competitive, because our agreements are based on local knowledge of the area and a long experience in nautical services.

Services in Barcelona: 

  • Corporate events: Incentive trips, team building, outdoor activities, marketing actions, bussiness meetings. Specialists in corporate races!
  • Charter: Boats for rent (sailboats or motorboats). Superyachts.
  • Sport Events providers

Barcelona Yachts Quicksail