La Costa Blanca offers a wide range of services and infrastructure related to navigation. While developping the infrastructure, the province of Alicante always kept in mind to protect the nature, which provides a diversified and an authentic stay.

You are able to enjoy the sea the whole year because of the benignity of clime, the water temperature and the mild wind, which guarantee you the practice of nautical sports. The offer in Alicante is one of the most attractive and popular ones of the spanish Mediterranean Sea, especially sailing.

Calpe Quicksail

This is why Quicksail’s second office is located there, more precisely in Real Club Náutico de Calpe, an idyllic environment for sailing and practicing all kind of nautical sports.








Organisation of corporate regattas for incentive groups and team building. (Prices per person depending on group)


Regata Calpe Quicksail

The nautical centre Real Club Náutico Calpe provides a wide offer of activities, created to get to know the world of navigation. We provide boats for every age-group and sail clases for children, teenagers and adults. Our overriding objective is to teach a passionate way of sailing, which is only possible with a clear and simple methodology.

The type of boat we offer you in the nautical centre RCN Calpe, during our classes, is the model TOM 28 which stands out by its reliability and its speed of navigation. The boats are 28 foot long (8,48 metres) and can accommodate 5/6 people.

Sailing is advantageous to keep your muscles fit and is composed of exercises of isometrical resistance (Strenght=Resistance).

PRICES SUMMER 2016: 30 € per capita / 2 hours



It is based on propelling a boat on water using oars. By pushing against the water with an oar, a force is generated to move the boat. While rowing, the athlete sits in the boat facing toward the stern.

The boats we offer in the nautical centre RCN Calpe differ in Falucho and Yolas, which accomodate 2 up to 8 students per session. The boats are used to introduce them to this sport, like a training to show different kind of sports. The group of students is always accompanied by an exercise instructor, who controls the session in every moment.

At the coast of Calpe you can enjoy the practice of rowing because it is an open place with different zones of natural charm, like “las Calas”, which has been used as anchorage and landing in the past (Greek, Romans, etc…).

PRICE: 15€ per capita/ hour


SUP Calpe Quicksail

Paddle Surf or Stand Up Paddle Surf (SUP) is a new sportive and nautical modality. You are standing on a big surfboard with a paddle, which helps you moving forward. It is possible to accomplish big distances or strolls in the sea as well as surfing big waves with the board.

Its popularity is justified through the facilitiy of learning it, its accessibility for different age-groups, its big diverity and the aspect that it is a complete physical activity.

In Calpe are various beaches and bays, which are perfect to learn this sport because it is easy to reach them.

PRICE FOR RENTING : 15 € per capita/ hour

COURSE PRICE 1,5 hours: 35€/ person



Nowadays, its use is mostly sportive. The student, depending on the different types of boats, is sitting and moving forward with a rudder blade which has two sides.

The traditional kayak has a covered deck and one or more cockpits, each seating one paddler. The cockpit is sometimes covered by a deck that prevents the entry of water from waves. The modality of the kayaks we offer in the nautical centre RCN Calpe is for one student each boat.

To kayak is perfect to do some sports and to enjoy the unique environment at the same time.

In Calpe, we are lucky to have crystalline and clean water (often compared to the beauty of its “dependants”: the Balearic Islands) where it is possible to see the seafloor.

PRICE:  15€ per capita/ hour


snorkel calpe quicksail

Snorkeling  is the practice of swimming on or through a body of water while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel, and usually swimfins. The most interesting thing about snorkeling is the oportunity to observe the undersea world in its natural environment , without a complicated equipment.

PRICE:  45€ per capita.

In Calpe we provide a very exclusive offer: an undersea wedding. It is a rare offer, which only exists 3 times in the world and this one is the only one you can visit. You can dive and take your own bottle to enjoy it later on the boat or you can see how a professional diver selects the best bottle, which you can enjoy whenever you want.

                    Bodega Submarina Calpe Quicksail         vino en barco Calpe Quicksail

          What are you waiting for to enjoy a glass of wine at sea?