“Recuerda que de la conducta de cada uno depende el destino de todos”

– Alejandro Magno – 



A perfect activity for companies, incentive events and as a team building dynamic. You will play in groups of a maximum of 10 people, with an iPad per group. You will have to solve the enigma or the mission of each theme. But only one team can win.

What will your strategy be: will you seek alliances with the other teams? Or will you fight to the death to win?

A team building activity that leaves no one indifferent, with the added value of being an outdoor event in a unique environment such as La Marina de València. Join our escape room for companies


Escape room exterior  from 10 to 100 people at a time.

Timing personalizable

Morning or afternoon. Duration approx. 2 hours. Available all year round.


All year round and for all audiences. Accessible activity


Discover our exclusive made-to-measure Escape product.


Two themes: The Emblem Guard and Operation Save The Navy. We also offer customised themes for corporate events


Only one team will be the winner – will you find the Valencia emblem, will you overcome the mission?


It can be done in Spanish and English.


Initial briefing on how the activity works and on the history.


An escape room is an activity for groups that is normally played in a closed room. After learning a story, you have to find the necessary clues to get out of the room within a limited time.

Escape rooms for companies are currently one of the most popular team building activities due to the need for team collaboration and the importance of the different forms of reasoning that serve to successfully complete the experience.

The outdoor escape room is a completely new product in Spain. It has the same purpose as the room product, to solve a story in a limited time through tests, challenges and riddles, but with a novel difference: you play in an open space.

The outdoor product is much more effective for corporate groups as it has been proven that outdoor activities are more effective for team building events than indoor ones.

In this case, the game is also played in teams, which compete against each other to complete the mission – there can only be one winning team!

The teams have an iPad with an APP, designed by us and customisable for a company event, with which they must find the geolocated tests and overcome the challenges they encounter.


  • Perfect activity for product presentations.
  • We design a story with the theme of your company.
  • To solve the tests, challenges and enigmas you will need to know data, products or services of your company.
  • We created a trailer with cinematic effects for the presentation of the story.
  • Encouraging employee involvement in your company

The Emblem Guard

With our launching theme, you will discover the true history of the Marina of Valencia, its origin and how the emblem of the city was hidden in the time of Jaume I. Or maybe it’s all a legend…

Operation: Save The Marina – New Escape Room for Companies

Save the Marina de València is our new outdoor escape team building theme.

Participants will be divided into teams and you will have to decide which role each one will take: leader, technician or creative. Once this decision has been made, the teams will be ready to start the real challenge: trying to catch Los Apóstoles, a group of radical extremists who are planning an attack in La Marina de València. You will do it by means of tests that you will have to pass in less than an hour to unman them in time.


To pass these tests as effectively as possible, teams will have to use logic, creativity and ingenuity in excellent teamwork.

In case you need help, you can count on our online support, The Secretary, who will be there for you at all times.