The most original combination ever seen: sea and astronomy

New different experience for anyone inerested in discover new things

This night experience brings together two completely compatible activities, so why not use the darkness of the sea to observe the stars with a specialized professional?

The fact of having to retreat to the mountain to be able to observe the beauty of the dark sky will no longer be the only option.


  • Participants will be divided into groups of between 7 and 9 people, beacuse of that the assigned skipper is able to explain and correctly attend to all people.
  • To make the experience as complete as possible, it will take time to move the boats away from land, a few miles away, so that you can better enjoy the stars without the hassle of the city’s light pollution. Therefore, the trip it will be used to put into practice knowledge of the nautical basics that have been explained previously.
  • Enjoy the constellations in broad moonlight with the sound of the sea in the background.
  • You will finish the experience with many new learnings related to sailing and astronomy and you can share it with the people who accompany you.


From 15 to 250 people.

Customizable timing

Departure at the sunset and enjoy the trip during dead of night or go out in full darkness. You can customize your schedule to your liking.


Boats between 12 and 15 meters in length.


Possibility of branding in boats: flags, tarpaulins, poles, etc


Possibility of food on board with our catering provider of homemade and sustainable Mediterranean food.


English speaking professional skippers, specialized in astronomy knowledges.