"Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value"
- A.Einstein -


In Quicksail we are specialized in organizing team building activities and events in Valencia, Costa Blanca, Barcelona and the Balearic Islands.

Our objective is to be able to satisfy all the needs of our clients in a personalized way. Extensive experience and an extraordinary concept of customer service is what differentiates us from the competition. As the main activity of team building we offer the corporate race. In addition, it can be complemented with catamaran events and other nautical activities.


Groups from 15 up to 250 people at the same time

Customizable timing

In the morning, in the evening or the whole day.Minimum 2 hours, maximum 6 hours


Corporate regattas, catamaran events, paddle surfing, kayaks, etc .


Possibility of branding on the boat, flag, shirt…


Team building is a set of activities that promote teamwork, communication and cohesion among employees of a company.
Its purpose is that the employees of the company go from being a work group to a work team, thus increasing their involvement and commitment to the company.

team buiding activities


This is the service very demanded by the companies as an incentive for his customer or employees because the teamwork is improved and the competition between the different crews is promoted.
In this activity, the group takes an active part inside the boat, and they take part actively to the navigation.

According to the number of people, we create some crews. With the advice of the skipper, the crews compete between each other for a tour indicated in advance by a buoy.

The corporate race is supported at all times by a motorboat which oversee race´s development.

team building activities

They are a load of options to customize this activity. You can choose to do one or several races, photographic report, award ceremony…

We offer customized programs for each group, adapting the schedule to the needs of our customers. This activity is one of the best ways to learn how works a team in a competitive situation.

It´s not possible to learn nautical technical concepts and skills in only one day, however, it´s possible to learn a few general concepts.

It´s really important that the crew knows what the ideal condition for the sailboat are (wind, surge). The whole crew will be attentive to the other boats and their moves in order to take a tactical decision. It´s our main purpose to help you succeed the best move.